Vote for Cunningham Park in Coca-Cola’s Live Positively Park Contest!

Joplin is currently engaged in a fierce voting contest. If you haven’t heard yet, Coca-Cola is presently running a contest under the banner of Live Positively, in which one park can win $100,000 grant toward improvements. To win in this contest, supporters must go to the Coca-Cola website (Here’s a link) and vote for the park of choice. You can vote as many times as you wish, the more the better! Presently, Cunningham Park is in 3rd place. Coca-Cola has had a long relationship with Joplin, as it opened a bottling factory in Joplin more than a century ago and still calls the original building home. It’d be fantastic to see this partnership continued by Cunningham Park winning the $100,000 grant.

A photograph of Coca-Cola's home in Joplin not long after it opened.

If you have a minute, an hour, or a whole day, please visit this link and vote away for Cunningham Park! The contest ends September 6, so time is quickly counting down. For those facebook fans, here’s a facebook page promoting the vote for Cunningham Park.