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Once hailed as the, “City of Wealth, Industry, and Opportunity,” Joplin is no longer the proud young peacock of a city that it was at the turn of the century. Joplin’s fortunes faded with the decline of the mines after the end of World War Two. Urban renewal laid claim to some of Joplin’s more impressive accomplishments, such as the Connor Hotel, while neglect took a toll on others, as with the Union Depot.

Now, at the beginning of the twenty-first century, there is hope. The Frisco Building has been restored; the Olivia Apartments are in the process of being refurbished; and the Fox Theatre is still in use.

We here at Historic Joplin intend to capture the early days of Joplin in all of their glory, to present Joplin’s history in an interesting and entertaining form. If you have a research suggestion, a photo you would like to share, or just want reminiscence about the history of Joplin, contact us. We’ll be glad to hear from you. 

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Historic Joplin

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