The Architectural Legacy of Garstang & Rea: Clendon V. Millar House in Joplin

Clendon V. Millar House in Joplin Missouri

Today’s photograph from Alfred W. Rea’s portfolio is the Clendon V. Millar house, located at 605 N. Pearl Avenue, in Joplin. Mr. Millar, a chemist and assayer, was born on April 10, 1871 in Mattoon, Illinois. Coincidentally, Millar graduated from the University of Illinois – Urbana in 1893, the very same year as Alfred Rea. It’s possible the two met while attending the university, or, at the very least, became acquainted while in Joplin. Millar must have been pleased by the house as he remained there until his death in April, 1956.

Clendon V. Millar House in Joplin Present Day

The Millar House today - though a bay window and a chimney have been added since the photograph was taken by Rea.