The Architectural Legacy of Garstang & Rea: The Joplin Casket Company Factory

The next photograph in the Alfred W. Rea portfolio series is the Joplin Casket Company Factory. Regrettably, we have not been able to find much on the Joplin Casket Company, but we can at least tell you that it built in 1907 at a cost of approximately $278,000 present day dollars. J.A. Wilson was president, B.W. Lyon, vice-president, J.H. Spencer, secretary, and it was located at 4th NW Cor RR (unfortunately, we’re unable to figure out where this address was exactly).


Thanks to the sharp eyes of Historic Joplin followers, Mike Sisk and Clark, we were delighted to learn that the former factory building still stands between Division and School streets on Fourth Street and is owned by the Empire District Electric Company.

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5 Responses to “The Architectural Legacy of Garstang & Rea: The Joplin Casket Company Factory”

  • Comment from Mike Sisk

    This is on East 4th Street between Division Ave. and School Ave. I believe the building is still there and owned by Empire. It’s on Google Street View:

  • Comment from Clark

    This appears to be the building currently occupied by the Empire District Electric Company. The location is on east 4th between School and Division avenues. The building is part of a larger storage facility that spans the block. Some photographs of this buiding and others nearby may be found at

  • Comment from Brown

    Great find! We will update the post to have the Street View. Thanks!

  • Comment from Brown

    Thank you for the information! We’re always happy to find out one of these buildings still stand.

  • Comment from Bj

    I Don’t know exactly where this is but I’ve been here because we went on a geocache trip here and our teacher told us it was the old casket factory

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