A Slice of Old Joplin

From the recollection of Bud Belden in Pioneering Days, we get a glimpse at one of the tastier elements of Joplin’s past:

“Mr. E.E. (Jimmy) Denham owned the Hub and where ever hangs the Denham sign good fellows congregate. The roast beef at the Hub was something to write home about. Jimmy had an attendant who served it at all hours. Small portions of roast beef Au Jus sliced thin by the attendant who dipped each juicy morsel in natural gravy before placing it on a slice of rye bread you held extended in your left hand. Then you tenderly pressed the top slice in place and you had a sandwich of which the Angel’s sing. The sandwiches were delicious and they were free. How gladly we would exchange our gold for them today.”

Ernest E. Denham’s “The Hub” was located at 103 East Fourth in Joplin, Missouri. He later operated the Rex Billiard Parlor.