The Dissolution of Company G

Men of Company G

Last week we brought you the story of Company G of the 2nd Missouri Volunteer Infantry, the Joplin men who went off to fight in the Spanish-American War. Unfortunately for Company G, the end came for the unit in November, 1902. Colonel Henry Mitchell of the National Guard of Missouri came to Joplin specially to see it formally mustered out. The colonel offered the reasons for the end of the 20 year old unit, “Lack of interest seems to be among the main causes which has contributed to the final ending of the organization. The company has no funds and no armory and these things in connection with other factors has at last made it necessary to take the final step.” The end came despite what the Joplin Daily News Herald claimed, “Many of Joplin’s finest and bravest boys strove hard to keep life in the organization but it seemed that the fates decreed it otherwise.”

Source: Joplin Daily News Herald