House of Lords

This photograph comes to Historic Joplin courtesy the great-grandson of Joseph “Joe” Dorizzi. Dorizzi is the man standing in the center of the photo flanked by two unknown men. He was one of the last to own the famed House of Lords. Notice the large, vertical House of Lords Budweiser sign – it replaced a smaller sign that hung outside the establishment years earlier. Although we’ve come to know the Budweiser Clydesdales and even the Budweiser frogs, you’ll see that in this case it’s a Budweiser mule team in front of the House of Lords. Perhaps it was a tip of the hat to the noble Missouri mule. We thank the owner of the photo for sharing this incredible treasure.

Charles Schifferdecker: Bottling Beer Even Faster

Charles Schifferdecker was one of the richest men in Joplin and his elaborate red stone home still stands. A source of his wealth was beer and this article from 1880 notes Schifferdecker’s purchase of a new bottling machine due to high demand of the young mining town.

Schifferdecker bottling machine article

Article from the 1880 Joplin News Herald

Source: Joplin News Herald