Remnants of the Connor

When Joplin’s finest hotel and one of her great architectural gems vanished from the cityscape in 1978, it did not mean the complete disappearance of all traces of the fabled institution.  For those wishing to find glimpses into the Connor’s architectural past, there are at least three pieces of the Connor spread across two locations in Joplin today.  They are decorative pieces of the exterior of the Connor, which like the interior, were stripped from the hotel prior to her expected demolition.

The first two pieces can be found in the same location that they arrived at around 1907, when delivered to the Connor to be placed upon her exterior.  They are at the Joplin Public Library at 3rd and Main.  The Connor property was purchased by the city in the 1970’s with the express intent of demolishing the hotel to build a new library on the spot.  It’s regrettable that the Connor could not have been renovated for the same task.  As a tribute to the marvelous building that the library replaced, two friezes from the exterior of the Connor were set on the west facing wall of the library on the parking lot (Inside, the library devotes a glass cabinet to the history of the Connor).

A frieze from the Connor Hotel

A frieze from the Connor Hotel

The frieze is joined by another, which at first glance appears identical.  However, closer scrutiny will show slight differences between the two pieces of artwork.

One of the two friezes from the Connor Hotel

One of the two friezes from the Connor Hotel

Below is a close up of the Connor prior to the addition of its annex.  Note the friezes above the windows.

Close up of the Connor Hotel

Close up of the Connor Hotel with friezes over the window.

The third subject of this post is a lion’s head located across town from the Connor’s location and can be found on the campus of Missouri Southern State University.  Specifically, the lion’s head, which snarled above the main entrance of the Connor, is placed on a short brick wall in front of the Spiva Art Gallery.

A lion's head from the Connor Hotel

A lion's head from the Connor Hotel

And now a full frontal view of the lion, which would have been seen by the men who affixed it to the exterior of the Connor, as well as those who took it down.

A front on view of one of the Connor's Lions

A front on view of the Connor's Lion Head

Know of any other remnants of the Connor?  Please feel free to comment or write us to let us know!

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7 Responses to “Remnants of the Connor”

  • Comment from Jeff

    I’ve been told that one of the bars from the Connor Hotel can be found in Webb City at the location that now houses One Way Design. While visiting the business, they shared this information. How it came to be in their possesion at this location, I don’t believe they knew the story – but I’m sure someone out there knows…

  • Comment from Brown

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for the tip! We’ll definitely have to check out One Way Design to see the bar.

  • Comment from Preston Dodd

    My dad owns a pedestal sink a door knob and a mail chute from the connor hotel.
    The sink has a special knob for ice water their in great condition.
    except for the mail chute. it has a small crack. I also know of the wearabouts of i think two windows used in neosho.

  • Comment from Brown

    Thank you for letting us know that more remnants of the Connor survive! We would love any photographs you or your dad might be willing to share!

  • Comment from Richard Rawlins

    The house on 2020 Jackson has a 6′ clawfoot bath tub from the Connor I’m wanting to buy the house mostly for that reason.

  • Comment from Brown

    That sounds like a perfectly good reason to buy a house!

  • Comment from Ryan

    Well all the concrete, rebar, plaster etc etc was used as fill at the southeast corner of Zora & St. Louis. I imagine if one was adventurous they could go digging with a metal detector. No telling what’s there.

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