Joplin Carnegie Library – Photographs

Last summer, Historic Joplin wandered about downtown with a camera and one of the stops was the Joplin Carnegie Library, the former home of the Joplin Public Library.  Below are a few of the photographs from that visit.  Previously, we’ve brought you the history of the library building (here and here), as well a glance at how the library has changed or not changed over the century since its construction.  Enjoy!

Modern telephone and electric wires mar the view of the library today.

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4 Responses to “Joplin Carnegie Library – Photographs”

  • Comment from Craig

    What is the current use for the library? It seems a shame for it to just sit there.

  • Comment from Brown

    At one point it was owned by a former professor from Missouri Southern, and I believe, still in the possession of his family. (He is deceased) Unfortunately, that’s about all we know of its current use. It appears that a business or some organization was in it, but it’s not clear if they’re still there.

  • Comment from Kathy

    I lived in Joplin in the mid to late 60s and remember time spent in the library. I have enjoyed reading the information here. Are there any pictures of the interior of the library?

  • Comment from Brown

    Unfortunately, we’re not aware of any interior photographs of the library. We would certainly love to see and share some!

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