Baseball, Not Just For The Adults

While we’ve discovered the baseball in Joplin played by men who were paid, and by those who weren’t, the sport wasn’t limited to adults. In the below photograph, we’ve a team of boys, perhaps a high school team, who had banded together to form a formidable looking team. Who knows, perhaps one of them eventually found himself donning a Miners’ uniform.

Perhaps a high school baseball team from Joplin's earlier days.





Source: Historic Joplin Collection

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One Response to “Baseball, Not Just For The Adults”

  • Comment from Rosalie Houk

    Is there any records of teams around 1932-35?
    I have a photo of a team around that time but not sure?
    My father is in this pic and would love to know anything
    About it! Willing to share photo and wonder if there are others
    Out there that might have more info??

    Thank you for any info !

    Rosalie Houk

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