More Coverage on the Union Depot Proposal

Support the renovation of the Joplin Union Depot as a new home for the Joplin Museum Complex!

Support the renovation of the Joplin Union Depot as a new home for the Joplin Museum Complex!

On Sunday, July 11, 2010, the Joplin Globe featured two articles on the Union Depot.  The first article includes a brief history of the depot, when it was built, as well efforts twenty some years ago to renovate it (which only succeeded in putting on a new roof and new stucco on the walls).  Also in the article are some quotations from Clair Goodwin, president of the museum board, who appears reticent about the proposal.  A quote is also offered from Allen Shirley, president of the Joplin Historical Society, again along the lines of hesitance, this time due to space issues.  Historic Joplin yesterday posted a response to the current management of the Joplin Museum Complex with regard to these quotations.

The second article featured a walk through with David Glenn, a contractor and owner of Glenn Commercial Group, who participated in the attempt to renovate the depot twenty some years ago.  In it, Glenn points out how the building is in a good position structurally and has a relatively new roof.   Included with the article is an interesting video of the walk through with Glenn and a Globe reporter.

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3 Responses to “More Coverage on the Union Depot Proposal”

  • Comment from David A Martin

    In closing your article you state that you do not know Mark Rohr. I do know Mark Rohr. I was one of the Piqua City Commissioners that hired Mark and was mayor of the City of Piqua for 2 years during Mark’s tenure as Piqua City Manager. Mr Rohr single handedly came up with a plan to save a historic hotel in Piqua’s downtown. That was in addition to completing a new city hall and creating approx 12 miles of bike path in and through our fair city. It is in Joplin’s best interest to support the plan Mark has come up with. He does not create vision “off the cuff”. He is methodical and thorough in formulating plans and leaves nothing to chance. He approaches his creative concepts as if his job depends on their unadulterated success. It is unlikely that he will have missed any key issues in the plans completion. And, if past history is any indication, Joplin will be thrilled with the results.

  • Comment from Brown

    It’s good to hear from someone who not only knows Mark Rohr, but can testify to his effectiveness, professionalism, and ability. It helps to reinforce the confidence we have in Rohr and his proposal for Joplin’s future. Thanks for dropping by!

  • […] Earlier this week, the Joplin Globe ran a story concerning a request for photographs of the Union Depot.  As part of the growing movement to renovate the Union Depot, architect Chad Greer has requested of the public any and all photos of the Union Depot’s interior.  A visit to the Depot will reveal that there is very little left in the old train station at the moment, much of it stripped during the previous attempt at renovation.  For links to some interior photographs and a video walk through of the interior, see this previous post. […]

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