Joplin, Phone Home

Alexander Graham Bell filed his patent for the telephone in 1876.  Six years later, telephones were considered a rare luxury and this list reveals some of the wealthier citizens of Joplin, as well the most successful businesses.   Even with a population in the thousands and businesses in at least the dozens, only about 51 telephones are listed.  Times have changed.

Jopin Telephone Exchange list for 1882

Jopin Telephone Exchange List for 1882.

Source: Joplin Daily Herald

A Stench-filled Journey Through Joplin

One of the major concerns for a growing city is sanitation.  Poor sanitation can lead to the outbreak of deadly diseases like dysentery, but can also simply create an eyesores and horrible smells.  In order to combat this issue, three city councilmen, one member of the city’s health committee, a city marshal, and a reporter set off to uncover the worse sanitation practices they could find.   To the detriment of at least one of these men’s health, they were quite successful.

Joplin article on sanitation in 1881

An article from the Joplin News Herald in 1881 about the city's sanitation.

Sources: Joplin Daily Herald